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Kalos City App: Lavender Davenport by simply-simplcity Kalos City App: Lavender Davenport by simply-simplcity

I apologize if the picture looks bad. I my drawing tablet doesn't work and I need to replace it, so I draw on my ipad... And it's as good as it sounds. I hope I get in though.

Name: Lavender Davenport

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Birthday: July 27th, 1990

Height: (if standing) 5’8” (in chair) 3’2”

Weight: 125 (lack of leg muscles)

Orientation: Homosexual

Relationship Status: Single and open to anything

Job: Street Performer (places guitar and sings, sometimes at bars or clubs; hopes to get a record deal at sometime)

Home location: (South Boulevard Apartments or North Boulevard Apartments)

Pokémon: Simipour

Type: Water

Ability: Gluttony

Moves set: Scald, Fling, Acrobatics, Bite

History: At the age of two, Lavender developed a benevolent tumor in her spine which resulted in a rapid decrease of her feeling from her thigh down though still having moderate feeling in her hips while not effecting the growth of her legs significantly. This put her in a wheelchair around the age of three when the doctors were able to successfully remove the tumor, but not being able to repair the damage. She has only known live in a wheelchair and doesn’t have any issue with it.

      When Lavender was about nine, she signed up for a para-basketball team and enjoyed every minute of the sport and being with other paraplegic people. Through out elementary school, most of the kids were used to her participating in gym with modified rules for her and being in lessons with every other kid. To them, she was normal and they never treated her any differently. Once Lavender hit junior high school and got a different group of kids, she started to be treated differently. The other kids would either treat her like she wasn’t smart or slow, constantly insist on helping her when she was absolutely okay with doing it on her own. Lavender hated socializing with her peers who constantly treated her down because of her being in a wheelchair and never looking to her as a person.

    Around this time Lavender had joined the choir in school as some form of elective and started taking guitar lessons. Music was a way for her to just feel free from everyone telling her that she needed help or talking to her as if she was brain dead. She decided to make to try and make a career out of it no matter how many people told her it was a one in a million shot.

Likes: basketball, singing (she sings to herself sometimes), drinking, bars (her usual go to hang out for friends or dates), crappy pick-up lines (she thinks she’s adorable, and all the ladies better expect them. She’ll flirt with girls no matter their sexual preference), proving people wrong, jumbo extra hot sauce burritos, smoking (heavily, but trying to quit or cut down)

Dislikes: being treated like she’s incapable, cold showers, waking up early, going to bed early, dry food, feral bug pokemon (terrified), horror movies, tea

Personality: Lavender is very focused and she knows what she wants. There isn’t anything between her and her goals, and if there is, she has no problems plowing it over. Her biggest fault is how stubborn she is and her refusal to accept any kind of help, even if she does need it. Lavender tends to be very charismatic and is a generally touchy person. She likes hugs and cuddles, the occasion punch to the arm. She flirts with anything of the female gender, but will slow down if told to stop, though she may throw in a few flirtatious compliments in the conversation anyways. Lavender is normally patient and is willing to talk and work with people if needed. She is independent and usually never asks for help. She tends to be overconfident in her abilities which usually gets her in trouble. Lavender overestimates all forms of her existence and believes that she can do even the most outlandish things that even professionals couldn’t do, but will only ever do them if challenged. She is audacious and reckless. She gets a rush from breaking rules and seeing how much she can get away with. Lavender has a very addictive personality, resulting in her getting obsessed over certain actions or getting addicted to certain things, be it behaviors, items, or drugs. Since her addictiveness is so strong, she tends to steer clear of most drugs.

Extra info: -She challenges all of you to a pick-up game.

-Only has her guitar when she is performing. Its like her child. Its name is Bruce and he’s black with neon blue detailing.

-Does illegal substances sometimes… Often.

-Wants  snuggle buddy.

If you'd like to rp, just comment or send me a note. I mainly do lit, but will do script if the other person is more comfortable that way.

sketcher-taku Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work ovo //gives thumbs up
simply-simplcity Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks. Her wheel looks all messed up though...
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